Katy Perry Bon Appetite How To Cook a Human (Cannibalism) Response Video

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Then I’d watch her on YouTube loving her songs.
In 2016 I started to get in to rap music.
Then I started to hate pop music after listening to Prince Ea.
In October 2016 I was watching TVC Mario’s Videos on Katy Perry https://youtu.be/4k-2dxSGaTQ The Insanely WEIRD Katy Perry’s SNL Performance https://youtu.be/IlPkwNCI5Toand it really changed my mind on her.
Hollywood is full of pedophiles which are the producers and even actors in there.
I don’t hate Katy Perry. Katy Perry is in a sick work environment were are pedophiles and other evil stuff.
Guys this is why I support the local entertainment industry because it’s a safe workplace.

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