L.A. Jets – album L.A. Jets 1976

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L.A. Jets formed in 1975 and disbanded in 1977, after the self titled release ans couple of singles. Fromt woman Karen Lawrence is still active in taday music in a blues band. fter the band split Lawrence ended uo doing some solo work as well as backing vovalist for Aerosmith, Slash, Jeff Beck ecc. Lawrence also wrote Barbara Streisand’s hit “Prisoner”.

Karen Lawrence – vocals.
Harlin McNees,Silver D. Hanson – guitars,vocals.
Wayne Cook – keyboards,syntheaizer.
Ron Cindrich – bass,vocals.
James Cohoon Lindsay – percussion,vocals.
John Desautels – drums.

Dancin’ thru the night.
Bailin’ out.
An elemental song.
It takes a lot to laugh,it takes a train to cry.
At the Dardanelle.
Music is my life.
Never satisfied.
Money money.
Carmel Dodge.
Then the rains came.


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