Liam Olney – In Sorrow

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I had a day dream today
In that dream you were there
Talking but not speaking
With no toil your short golden hair

You dropped hints about forever
Holding a tshirt to your face
A bond no man could sever
Twas awering to see your grace

I awoke without waking
I spoke without speaking
Rolled over to see you faking
I giggled when i saw you peaking

I held your hand, kissed your face.
Whimpered nothing but your name.
A cuddled warmth a hearts true grace.
In this there is no shame.

The thoughts I think and feel.
Have no binding on my soul.
My hearts song in full zeal.
As your words fill my hole.

I blink once the the illusion shatters
My broken heart is once more
The pieces knowing my distrort senses
You lie in front of me, I am sure

Your body is still and calm
Your face in perfect light
I placed your hand in my palm
The flood I had to fight

Looking around this room so sad
Through all the pain and disarray
I think to myself I am glad
For the illusion in this way

Silence deafens my ears
I raise myself from your side
Your hand falls, I shed my fears.
Using my shirt for all i’ve cried.

You’d say were touched by love
All the pieces called away.
To follow you like the doves.
I am no more from today.

(written by Liam Olney 2/10/2009)

Liam Olney


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