Monkey Chow Cover – Slash's Snakepit

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1 hour: 60 USD
2 hours: 90 USD

SomeONE’s gonna TELL you everything you want is WRONG!!!! ;D

(No i do NOT have tabs for the song or any of my other covers.)

NOTE: In my videos i get asked why there are a few spots where there a guitar sound not being played on the vid. Well yes, nicely spottet, i add more guitar on some places to make the sound better, but i don’t put it on the video, so there you go.

My Gear:

Gibson Les Paul Classic
Slash’s Snakepit Signature Epiphone Guitar
Marshall AFD100 top & and AVT-50 Combo (used as speaker for the AFD)

Sditing done by: Vanquiza
Program Used: CyberLink – Powerdirector 9
(If anyone knows a better program you are welcome to tell me, since Powerdirector has syncing issues.)

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Thank you for watching! =)


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