Slash dropped by the Guitar Center Hollywood Vintage Room and talked about his musical beginnings, inspirations, and recording process on his last albums. Be sure to check out “World On Fire” by Slash featuring Myles [More]
A Slash’s song called By The Sword. Gear: Ibanez js + Triaxis
A Slash’s song called I Hold On. Gear: Ibanez js + Triaxis
A Slash’s song called Dr. Alibi. Gear: Ibanez js + Triaxis
Song for free guns n’ roses – One In A Million – G N’ R Lies
Daz tals about the Classic 87 Hard Rock/Metal Gem that is Appetite For Destruction from Guns N Roses and Is Available at all JB HI-FI Stores
9.5/10 Guns N’ Roses certainly made a name for themselves with this outstanding debut. One of the best ever seen in hard rock history if I do say so myself. Youtube: http://youtube.com/midnightstrike3625 Dailymotion: http://dailymotion.com/midnightstrike3625 Facebook: [More]