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I must photograph your gums I’m sure I heard him say, with a hundred million pixels of the latest insight into the tissue of a universe in decay. Remember the selves we used to be [More]
I am slammed by the liberation, build into the roll of a dice, just to survive – I am drowning, sucked into the depth of the darkest pits of hell – The burning of my [More]
Appetite For Destruction (Guns Cover) Ao Vivo Rota 85 I’ts So Easy , Welcome to the Jungle , Patience , November Rain ,You’re Crazy
‘Estranged’ Guns N Roses@Madison Square Garden New York 10-11-17
Orignal composition by : Slash ft myles kennedy Guitar cover by : Shashank verma follow me on facebook -https://www.facebook.com/shashankverma17 facebook page link – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shashank-verma-guitarist/862213340495388?ref=hl username :@shashankvermaguitarist instagram : @shashankverma17 This is my cover of song [More]
niveau “vocal” il assure le bonhomme……. par contre niveau “fringues”…..on repassera lol 😉
Speed guitar solo example1 by Volkan AYIRIR