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Learn anastasia by slash with tabs
The second album released by Bonnie Dobson At Folk City was recorded live in February 1962 in New York at the legendary Gerdes Folk City in Greenwich.At the end of side two was the song [More]
“South Side” is a 1999 song by Moby taken from his album Play. Moby has said that the song is about a car ride in post-apocalyptic New York City. The lyrics could conceivably apply to [More]
R.E.M. est un groupe de rock américain formé à l’automne 1979, et baptisé ainsi le 5 avril 1980 par Michael Stipe (chant), Peter Buck (guitare), Mike Mills (basse) et Bill Berry (batterie) Le groupe devenu [More]
Legendary lead guitarist Slash sits down with the world famous DJ Skee for an interview on “AXS Live” TV show. In part 2 of this interview SLASH compares major recording labels versus Independence recording labels. [More]
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Saul Hudson !!!~ Guns N’Roses , Slash’s Snakepit , Velvet Revolver ~
yo tocando una rola
so I found some informations and I made this for u guys….hope u enjoyed!!! |~ Guns’N Roses ~ Slash’s Snakepit ~ Velvet Revolver ~ Slash – Saul Hudson ~|