Patrick Scott Hogg – When the Love is Gone – (Rock and Roll Song)

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Keep your sunny-side up and a painted smile
Skip down the road dressed in style
You’ve gotta keep face and hide the blues
When it falls apart and you’re so confused

O o, when the love is gone
There’s nowhere left to hide
Where will you go, where will you run
When you’re empty inside?

In a million houses where the curtains close
They argue and shout; no-one knows
They live separate lives, separate ways
Yet they stay together acting out their days

You were starry-eyed right from the start
You promised you would give your heart
But all you gave were deceit and lies
Now it’s all over don’t look surprised

Don’t cry now baby, don’t shed a tear
I don’t want you coming back round here
You’ve used me now for far too long
Now you’re back just where you belong

Well you chased the illusion for a while
Felt satisfied by your lover’s smile
Now everything they do and say is wrong
And you ask yourself where you belong

Patrick Scott Hogg


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