Queen, Elton John and Axl Rose – Bohemian Rhapsody

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20 April 1992 at London’s Wembley Stadium

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canalnãonormal says:

o que eu posso dizer ….showww

paul people person says:

I am a 60 year old male – when Axl came out and nailed it I cried, not felt like that before, it was emotional

TheShowStoppersTV says:

These people who claims that Elthon cannot sing like Freddie don't realize that Freddie would be more than proud to see this…This is not a singing of "Bohemian Rhapsody" competition, it's a tribute to a legend…
True, no one could and never will sing this legendary masterpiece like Freddie did but this is singed well and this is something to be proud of …

ImBsal says:

now this is how you put on a rock show

Adolf Hitler says:

Axl Rose is the greatest vocalist in the history of music.

Steve Sharts says:

fucking class

Telmo De la Cruz says:

4:16 el guitarrista quien es que me suena un montón

Joaquin Insignares says:

La edad de oro no como esta mierda que esta ahora que si regueton

HK Hong Kong says:

In an alternative reality, Axl is my significant other and we run a sanctuary for exotic birds. Oh yeah :-))

Vanessa Moran says:

anyone on juny 2017? regards from Germany

mike vida says:

iam not surprised that axle was in this but was more surprised that Elton john was in this

Holiwis :3 says:

Que opinan sobre el nuevo cantante de Queen? nada parecido con Fredie 🙁

milena alves says:

Lindoooo eu aqui 07/06/17

Alpha O. says:

Great! Unbelievable! It was like an angel meeting a demon. Two opposite with one single goal. To give their best as tribute for Freddie. And there was no better way to do this. Great video, thanks for sharing

Lada Hovorka says:

je my smutno

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