Queen Taz – Behind Every Smile, Theres A Frown

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Make-up, a mask, nor a smile can cover the truth, which expresses the fact that you have been stabbed in your back.
No clothes, no shades, no wall that you put up can cover up the fact that your heart is not in tact; Even if you tried to staple it back-
You still have to face the fact!

Behind every smile, there’s a frown trying to create an illusion, or confusion of abusion-As if thats a word; But you see you can create anything in this world.
Whats hidden in the dark must come to light, so why lie? why live that life? so many live the same life of a miserable past; Heart feel as if its choking off gas-

Suffocating from the truth, that you gave your all and someone even multiple hurt you in return.you had a feeling of love, but its never to return-
your heart use to sing a song; With no tone, now it just hums….

No clown has the proper colors to fill in your rainbow lines, Next in line for never ending hurt; Wishing you can bury old bones way beneath dirt.
Truth never hidden once looked upon in a mirror, no water can make your dirty face seem clearly new-
Take off the custom leave it in a room, Strike a match and watch as the flames eat away at the pain-
Wipe that frown away and wear your smile everyday!

Queen Taz


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