rajagopal. h.. – 0029.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 27-translation version II

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Dear Readers
without realising that i have done the translation of this stanza which was done randomly sometime back, i spent time and made the same again; i am submitting the same for your perusal; again this is Abhirami’s direction only; i myself see lot of differences;

onething Savithri uses to tell me that no one can bring the real beauty of the original-what a statement from such a great soul;
you judge yourself if i am fit to do that job;

To Get Rid off All Illusions

Tamil Transliteration

udaiththanai vanjap piraviyai ullam urugum anbhu
padaihthanai padhmapada yugam soodum pani enakke
adaihthanai nenchaththu azhukkai ellam nin arutpunalal
thudaiththanai sundhari ninnarul edhendru solluvadhe


Mother Abhirami! Thy grace broke the false chimeras
The exorcist ego, animosity and illusion!
Gifted radiating devotion that diffuses my stone heart
Assigned me the honor of holding,
Your lotus feet on my head a privilege to cherish
Wiping the dirt of my mind
Nullified genesis, the betrayer ever chasing!
Heh charming beauty! How shall I sing thine benefaction?

Simple meaning:

Abhirami! Your grace removed the ego, ill feelings and illusion of my heart; you made me worship your lotus feet; gave me a devotion that can melt my stiffened heart; helped me to find ways to come out of the cycle of birth and death; how shall I praise your fame in verses?


when the divine thought occupy mind there cannot be space for the lowly thoughts; those thoughts culminate as devotion that removes the rebirth possibilities as birth is the repetitive phenomenon that is the source of our sufferings; poet fails to find word to praise Abhirami as one grace excels the other!


rajagopal. h..


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