Rare Izzy Stradlin Interview 1992

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A post-GNR interview with Izzy Stradlin’ in 1992. Izzy talks(!) about his leaving GNR and his then-current project, Izzy Stradlin’ and the Ju Ju Hounds. Also some rare performances of the JJH in the studio. A must for Izzy and GNR fans!


iC3y K4rMa says:

Always thought he was the coolest member

Tony Molsa says:

Izzy left cause he got tired of Asshole Rose

Monik Fonseca says:


R Pro. says:

Ride that dick!!!!!- nick manning

tammy duke says:

Was it bec Slash n Axl got more attention? If so you really didn't realize how important you were to the band

ben crawford says:

Dizzy and Teddy Andreas were the clear talent of guns n roses.

Thilo Hornschild says:

stylegoals. this dude

Niquzziqu_ _ says:

What is the song at 2:11

brandon242 says:

if the band had realized…(actually they probably did) they would have begged Izzy to stay because when he took his skill from the band it was collectively over.

Rob Card says:

it takes more than decent guitar and decent vocals eh?

well im sure he had a great time

i sure didnt listen to gnr because of his input though

Luke Jones says:

It's nice to here more from izzy, I'm a big guns fan but never new much about him

sdas23 says:

This remember me the movie "Rock Star". He felt that it didnt feel right.

hailtheblackdragons says:

No Izzy = No Reunion……..They won't see a dollar of my money. anyway…….Izzy, like Ace Frehley in Kiss, is the member of the band that anyone with a bit of rock'n'roll sense knows is the only one who matters…The one with integrity and rock'n'roll soul………Since he left they basically written nothing, and the VERY little they have written has been absolute cheese……..With Izzy, it's a real band……Without him, it's just fabricated L.A. cheddar……

axl vai says:

please comeback motherfucker!!!! fuck the money!!!!

Briana Shoemaket says:

He looks pretty deflated here…

Nick Venables says:

Extra YouTube points if you immediately pictured Kurt Loder's face when you heard his voice.

Farhan Mckinnons says:

Izzy is a free spirit though I wish he'd join the reunion

Mr. Ford-Man says:

I has a bus they had a plane and I would beat them, to the gigs! What an awesome reply!

hazleye SHeba says:

I loved izzy and his cool self

Ijustfartedandnoonenoticed says:

I know this has anything to do with the interview but i'm hypnotized with this guy's eyes, I've never noticed they were so beautiful o.o

Ty Manning says:

Slash and Izzy were such a classic guitar duo.

John Marshall says:

tankthomas44 you wrong bro steven was there a was great i was there man he still got it

axl vai says:

i want to see the full interview!

tankthomas44 says:

Miss u izzy! would be amazing to see u pop in to play a song or two during the last few dates of this tour. I won't be at the shows in cali, but it would be great for all the die hard GNR fans to see the majority of the band back on speaking terms. do it for the fans who have stood by u guys all these years. it's never too late

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