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ROADKILLSODA performs the song “MADE OF STONE” for BalconyTV.
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RoadkillSoda is a 4 piece Rock’n’Roll band (Mircea Petrescu “Hotshot Eagle” – Vox; Mihnea Ferezan “Panda Elixir” – Gtrs; Victor “Vava” Ferezan – Bass; Mihai Nicolau “Baby Jesus” – Drums;) from Bucharest, Romania.

They have opened for Slash, Billy Idol, Triggerfinger, Sabaton Karma to Burn, Black Tusk, Planet of Zeus, Tides from Nebula, Crowbar, Elder, Mos Generator, Vintage Caravan, 1000Mods, Tuber, UfoMammut and played with Nick Oliveri from Queens of The Stone Age .

RoadkillSoda have played shows in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece. They are official endorsers for Jim Dunlop/MXR guitar products and a Monster Energy drink official Band,
with 3 releases under their belt: A Fucked Up Trip Gone Bad EP (2011), Oven Sun LP (2013), and Yo No Hablo Ingles LP double 2014.

They have released 3 videos and 1 short movie following a Generator Tour Party all over Romania
and will be featured on a Stoner Rock Deluxe box anthology, released by L.A. based Cleopatra records, alongside Hawking, Saint Vitus and Mos Generator.

RKS has received great reviews from all the important online magazines that are stoner oriented: Sludgelord, Heavyplanet, Against Magazine etc.

Roadkillsoda will play, this summer, at Spellground Festival.

“Spellground is the newest festival in Romania. A land that comes to life this year for 72 unforgettable hours to mix the four main elements, Earth, Sun, Wind and Water with a 5th one: Your Good Vibe.
There will be live music, art performances, workshops, great food and lots of WOWs in front of the 3 Spellground concert stages: Main, Electro & Newcomers, all happening in Constanța – Năvodari, on the Black Sea Coast. And it’s taking place on 12-14 August.”

You can find more about RoadkillSoda here:

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Călina Curticăpean – Producer & Host
Alex Purje – Producer & Director
Dan Damian – Sound Engineer / Mix&Master
Lazăr Enescu – Videographer & Photographer
George “Scamă” Chioaru – Camera Operator
Sorin Badea (John Furtună) – Photographer
Maria Predica & Radu Ciocan – PR Trainees

Sound Equipment – Green Sound Team (
Location: One 88 ( at Up 2 Infinity (
Special thanks to: Euro Print ( and Has De.

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