Santos Hernandez 1927 Cherry (Blanca) New Generation 2014 Female-Flamenco Andalusian Guitars (main traits) Ideal Choice of Flamenco Guitars Endorsed by Paco de Lucia / The Best Guitars from Spain / Sound Portal Cherry Maple Fretboard Norwegian Top

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Rate & Flaw Detection Tips

“Trying Guitars” and other Obsolete Ideas

Ideal vs Emergency Choices


Ex.1/ 00:14 Fandagos 1 composed by Ruben Diaz
Ex.2/ 02:57 answer for the magazine
Ex.3/ 12:42 Fandagos 2
Ex.4/ 15:13 Fandagos 3
*Ex.5/ 02:25 mid-zone fretboard


The Cherry Bridge

Opinions vs Facts

Nice Vs Bad Buzzing on Guitars


Here is Paco listening the first new fretboard ever made in Spain.
Aqui esta Paco escuchando el primer prototipo del nuevo diapason de AG el verano pasado.

Verify Your Fretboard

Only Fretboard which Tunes In Spain


“Trying Guitars” and other Obsolete Ideas

How to Evaluate guitars

Japanese Sword (Katana) & French Fencing

Opinions vs Facts


New Videos:

The Fallacy of “The Quality vs Price Ratio” Idea

The Norwegian Top

Beginners lead

Vital Habits

Mask Lack of Technique and good sound with Technology. Great!

Defective Guitars & Antidote

Connotation of Modern Flamenco Guitar


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