Seema Chowdhury – Eye Illusions

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In your day to day life
When you start your faith’s journey
Enrich your life with the vibrant colors
Like red, yellow, green and blue
And walk in the light of peace
Towards the high road
Using the weapon of love
And the speech of hope
To turn your wheel of fortune
In the right direction
To rejoice each moment
With celebration and astonishing wonders….

Just remember that life contains
Unfamiliar and unseen bends in the way
And is made up of brief moments
That transform the texture of your days
And it’s like eye illusions that go round and round
And show you a different perspective each time
And then you have to overcome
Series of hurdles and a few puzzling mazes
And have to make some hard and bitter choices
To clear the fog of frightful emotions
To reach your victorious destination
Where God will have amazing surprises
And clear and promising views of real life………..

Happy 14th Birthday Samia Baby Doll.
Mama Loves You Very Much.

Seema Chowdhury


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