Shelley Segal: Apocalyptic Love Song

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Australian singer-songwriter Shelley Segal appeared at The San Francisco Atheist Film Festival on August 11, 2012. She performed songs from her album, AN ATHEIST ALBUM as well as unreleased material.
This song is dedicated to Christopher Hitchens.
View & listen to the great video that debuted her song, SAVED from her own channel:

From Wikipedia: Shelley Segal (born 1987) in Melbourne is an Australian singer-songwriter involved in the secular movement. Brought up in a musical family, she began singing at the age of 3. At the age of 11, Shelley began song writing and found her first performing role with her father’s function band. Raised Jewish, she rejected religion at the age of eighteen [1]. Segal also plays guitar and piano. Shelley gained her Bachelor of Applied Music from Box Hill Institute of TAFE in Melbourne in 2010. She co-operated with British techno DJ Carl Cox to produce the drum and bass track Chemistry, which peaked in techno charts in November 2011. She went on to perform alongside Cox at the Stereosonic music festival in 2010, and at Billboard in 2011. Her single called Saved [2] debuted on 13 October 2011. An Atheist Album, containing seven songs, was subsequently released on November 13. 24 March 2012, Segal performed at the Reason Rally in Washington D.C..[3][4] April 13-15 2012, she performed at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, Australia.


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