Simon Samuda – Illusion

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This life is but an illusion.
Dispense with everything you have ever been taught.
The world you and I inhibit is nothing but a thought.
Think about it.

The illusion is our thinking.
Our thinking is our problem.
We cannot solve problems. (Einstein)
By the thinking used to create them.

The unconscious mind is in a trance.
Half caught in a hypnotic glance.
The world dazzles the eyes.
As we decipher truth from lies.

Wipe the mist from your eyes.
Now you can see the world as it is.
A high pulsating vibration.
Nothing is solid, that’s the illusion.

Turn the dial change the frequency.
One most escape this false reality.
We are spiritual beings, never to be seen.
Homo Sapiens, that’s the travesty.

Allow me to change the dial.
Tune into another frequency.
You have heard this record before.
Hear it again until it pierces your core.

The mind thinks it knows.
You are in a trance, your reaction shows.
An intellectual state.
Take the bait or elevate.

Another interference.
Your frequency is tuning out.
This life is but an illusion.
Have you forgotten what it’s all about.

The unconscious mind plays tricks.
It make you believe you are real.
It misdirects for kicks.
Because you think and can feel.

It’s an illusion no big deal.
It’s the matrix, take the blue pill.
If you are still convinced it’s real.

Simon Samuda


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