Slash – Doctor Alibi (Feat. Lemmy Kilmister)

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Song: Doctor Alibi
Artist: Slash (Featuring Lemmy Kilmister)
Album: Slash
Year: 2010
Record Label: EMI (United States), Universal Music (Japan), Roadrunner Records (Europe), Sony Music (Australia)
Writers: S. Hudson, L. Kilmister

Band Members:

Lemmy Kilmister – Lead Vocals & Distorted Bass
Saul “Slash” Hudson – Lead Guitar
Chris Chaney – Bass
Josh Freese – Drums


I Went To See The Doctor
He Said, “You’re Pretty Sick,
You Got Some Real Bad Habits,
You’d Better Stop Right Quick.”

I Said “Doctor, That’s Real Bad News.”
Don’t Know What I’m Gonna Do

There’s Nothin’ Wrong With Me
Doctor, Doctor
Can’t you see?
I Ain’t Gonna Die
Just Write Me An Alibi

I Went To See A Shaman
He Said “You’ll Be Alright,
Just Keep Doin’ What You Love,
Every Single Night”

I Said “That’s What I Need To Hear”
Took Away My Childish Fears

You’re A Stand Up Guy
Doctor, Doctor
My, Oh My
You’re The One For Me
That’s The Mojo That I Need

Don’t You Know That I Feel Alright?
Doin’ What I Do
I Ain’t Gonna Tow The Line
Not Till’ I Turn Blue

All I Got Is One Short Life
That’s What People Say
And I Ain’t Gonna Waste A Second
Doin’ What You Say


I Won’t Be The One You Like
I Won’t Be The Boy Next Door
I Won’t Be The Chosen One
That’s Not What I’m Here For

I Don’t Like The Way You Are
I Despise What You Hold Dear
Don’t You Try To Make Me Change
I’ll Haunt You For A Thousand Years

Don’t You Talk That Way
Don’t You Mess My Day
Stay Away From Me
Sick Is What I’d Rather Be

Doctor, Doctor Death
Doctor, Out Of Breath
I Ain’t Gonna Die
Just Write Me An Alibi

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