Slash Explains Why Izzy Stradlin Left Guns N Roses

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funguy29 says:

Was she chastising Slash at the beginning ?

Zireael Ichaer says:

Lmao that beginning.

Michael Pal says:

Izzy Rules!! Slash threw him under the bus!! Axl can't sing anymore and looks freaking Weird!! The Band was a train wreck he got out before it Crashed!! Sure Axl was a real prick to be around look what he did to his fans for yrs. Show up late for Concerts and act like a Dick!!! Wonder why Izzy left????

oink says:

slash looks like a dumbass with that hair. I would even say it to his face

cacoca79 says:

so if your a musician on tour you spend most days with no sleep at all?

rob s says:

why is this fuzzbian talking with an American accent? He's from the Midlands ffs.

rob s says:

why is this fuzzbian talking with an American accent? He's from the Midlands ffs.

Sir Dave Hanahoe says:

Oh well, I guess there's always the possibility when you have 5 guys in a band, that one of them will decide, that rather than consume excessive quantities of drugs & booze, shag hundreds of birds & indulge in the kind of out of control bad behavior associated with any of the iconic, truly cool, legends of rock. Izzy is one of the most gifted rhythm guitarists in rock history. Unfortunately, he seems to have suffered, not only from his cock falling off, but also from the loss of both testicles. Not surprisingly, even though it wasnt his choice, this has led to a dramatic change in his personality. Now he'd rather knit, grow tulips, join the Girl Guides & drink nothing stronger than warm milk, whilst writing substandard, mediocre soft rock. You have to feel for the poor, mature, healthy living, extremely sensible guy.
Quite why he's felt the need to act like a judgemental, arrogant, ungrateful little cunt in regards to his former bandmates is more of a mystery. Mind you, they were taking drugs & getting pissed all the time! I mean, who the fuck do they think they are?? Fucking rock stars or something?? Honestly……..what are they like

Christopher Michael Ayres says:

Did she just say this guy is such a jerk ? as in referring to Slash who is sat right in front of her lol


Do you realize what happened in the beginnin part, the interviewer is telling him how to respond, that is so wrong.

mark s says:

AXEL Rose, get off that stage you overr-rated HAS-BEEN!!

mark s says:

OH what a Tragedy!

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