SLASH – Use Your Illusion Sound [JCM 800 SIR #34]

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Hey guys today I will show you how it sounds my mixture of plugins that you can find in this video

This tone I have tried to make it is a very harsh tone which is smoothed by the action of different plugins like De Esser and Compressors.
It is a very tight and trebly sound but you have to consider that slash guitar is panned hard right and Izzy rhythm part hard left.

This is a mono recording with a bit o reverb on the left and a bit of delay on the right.

I think that it captures all the shades of the JCM 800 #34 used specifically in use your illusion recordings and in the spaghetti incident.

I will do a comparison between the original sound and mines next weeks and in a week times it will be released the 5 min cover of Use Your Illusion II.

Hope that you like this video. Cheers 😉

Equipmen from Input to Output


Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus —
Pickups: Duncan Alnico II Pro Slash —
Cable: Reference Cable
A.Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 2nd Gen —
Amp Simulator: Amplitube 4
DAW: Logic Pro X
Video Editor: Final Cut Pro X
Headphones: AKG K271 MkII —


Amp: Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555X Reissue –
Amp2: Marshall MG10CF —
Cab: Marshall 2551 AV Silver Jubilee —

Pedal: Dunlop Crybaby —
MXR Analog Chorus —

Mic: Shure SM57 —
Rode NT1-A —


Samsung Galaxy S7 Flat –
GoPro Hero 5 Black –


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