Slash's Snakepit – Speed Parade Short Riff Jam

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This riff is pure genius and evil. Killer! iiii]; )’

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My Gear iiii]; )’

Gibson Custom Shop Slash Signature Les Paul Piezo V.O.S Dark Tobacco Sunburst

Marshall AFD100 2011, Marshall JCM Slash 2555SL 1996′

Marshall 1960AV Slash Signature 1996 CAB 4×12 With Vintage 30’s.

Marshall 1960BV Checkerboard 4×12 With English Vintage 30’s.

Boss WAZA Tube Amp Expander, Attenuate or Amplify/Reactive Load/IR Loader/Built in FX loop and Stereo Effects/Audio Interface/Headphone Output, And much more

Pedals input in front of AMP: AMP – BOSS DD-3 – ISP Deci-Mate- MXR Micro Chorus – Dunlop Q-zone – BOSS 1982 GE-7 MADE IN JAPAN – Dunlop CryBaby Slash SC95 – Polytune 3 Mini Noir – Guitar

Pedals i use in FX Loop (Send to return): TC Electronic Hall of Fame

All Mogami Gold (3368 and 2524) Cables – (3082) for cab.

Supra High Performance USB Audio Cable for WAZA

Elixir Optiweb 9-42.

Dunlop TORTEX 1.14mm Picks

2 Red Monkey Slasher straps (Made to replicate the exact one Slash has)


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