Sweet Child O’ Mine Music Video

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The music video from the greatest song ever.

No Copyright infringement intended. If you want much better quality, buy Welcome to the Videos, the collection of GN’R’s music vids. I highly recommend it.

And check out Chinese Democracy coming out Nov. 23

Here’s the link to the official 1st single:

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kieth bauserman says:

greatest song ever written PERIOD

groovydog99 says:

Absolutely and undoubtably the best rock song in the whole wild world

vp lake says:

great memories when I was 20 great rock music even pop MJ back in the days…Wow do I miss those days sad!

jhoeffrey galvez says:

guns n' roses idol <3

Валери Атанасов says:

superno kachestvoto ne e hubavo

steve jobs says:

This song is about slavery

Jian Yong says:

love this dammn much my childhood memories


I like this song very beautiful

Delena Clark says:

Best bands came out of the 80's, Guns n Roses #1

Raina Young says:


Harry Taylor says:

Check out Fergies version. Axel so much deeper, but oh my, Fergie…

Zimuahaha says:

I recently took a bellydance class, and I couldn't quite get one of the moves. The teacher came over to me and said, "Do the Axl Rose." I got it immediately afterwards, haha!

eliel ferreira says:

sou do breasil e nunca ouvi cara q canta tao bem

Raf Marchesini says:

They are the BEST!!!!!

Japhet Anciado says:

Gibson copy lol

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