Top 5 Slash/Izzy Riffs (Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction)

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Top 5 Slash/Izzy Riffs (Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction 1987)


I had so much fun doing my “Jimmy Page Top 5 Riffs” that I figured I’d do some Guns N’ Roses too! There’s so much incredible stuff happening on Appetite from both Slash & Izzy… I figured I’d just mix things up!

About 9 months ago I put up a cover of “Welcome To The Jungle” and it’s just got real popular, real quick… so figured I’d ride the wave and smash some riffs from this album too!

A lot of people ask about what gear I use besides the obvious guitars on show so I moved some shit around today and got my beautiful Victory Sheriff 22 amp in shot! I’ve got a 57 on there and a Rode NTR Ribbon.

She roars!

I know, I know… I left out Sweet Child O’ Mine. It’s a boss riff but it’s been done 1,000,000 times before and I feel there’s way better stuff to get stuck into on the album!
Controversial? We like controversial!
I think Slash would be happy about this choice.

Oh yeah, it’s worth noting that I just kinda made up some parts in Rocket Queen and some of the others too. Some raw ass guitars in there that are hard to hear. Figured they probably just winged it in the studio with additional parts too.

Overdrive wise, I am using a Strymon Sunset & an Ibanez TS9 separate and stacked at times.



Gear I am using:

►Amp: Victory Sheriff 22

►Studio Lights:

►25mm 1.7 Lens:

►Panasonic G7 Camera:

►Manfrotto: (Tripod & 60cm Slider)

►RODE Microphones:

►Hawk Picks:

►Hagstrom Guitars:



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