Unic Cjonr – Really Fake

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I am slammed by the liberation, build into the roll of a dice, just to survive – I am drowning, sucked into the depth of the darkest pits of hell – The burning of my flesh, the smell intoxicating, i can hear the flames screaming my name, inverted to the nails in my cross – The grapes of fiction is made into the wine, it tastes fake – Who will be the brave, to rescue souls from the dark, to be saved. You do not even chance your way of life, do you happily wake, i do the dead in alive – The energy you use to transform, by the fake of safe to the day – The light inside the tornado is filled with fear, create the illusion which hails by the gale in the storm – Normal will not fake real when in death you are taken when you are awake

Unic Cjonr


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