born with an insatiable appetite for destruction // villain as a main character – the fourquel

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Well, here we go again y’all. Part 4. Or the ~Fourquel~ (not gonna lie, the word sounds kinda ridiculous, idk why. I didn’t even know it was grammatically correct but apparently it is.?) This one is probably my second favourite of the whole “series” (fist is the part 2). I know some of the songs are more for like anti-hero type character, but oh well.. I hope you don’t mind.
So, I hope you enjoy. I noticed most of you use these playlists for writing, drawing and even homework so I wish u all the best of luck and I hope this playlist can jump-start your creativity even if just by a little bit♥ I love the community of creative people who always gather in the comments so much. I enjoy reading everything you write ♥

Take care of yourself and remember to drink enough water.
You are doing great and know that you are loved more than u realize ♥
I wish u a wonderful day/night.
Love you all so much

Also I feel the responsibility to mention one thing, with how much the part 1 one blew up and what comments I saw. (I’m just gonna quote a comment from @Bibidi babidi Boo, cuz they captured what I wanted to say perfectly)

“Yes yes, we know,life isn’t white or black, people can’t be completely good or bad, villains mostly were victims who turned bad. But i feel like this comment section (and those of other villain playlists as well, playlists that i love btw) are glorifying bad thing a lil bit too much, and even if most of us know that being a villain Is BAD (at least i hope), there are some YOUNG, GULLIBLE and easily MANIPULATED people here , people that would start glorifying real life villains (and it already exist, serial killers have fans, not people who are interested in them and into the “why” they did what they did, but people who think that what they did was cool, fun, honorable and good and that’s disgusting), when we say villains, we mean murders, rapists. These things aren’t human, it’s not good. It’s not normal and it shouldn’t be banalised. Being a villain ISN’T GOOD, villains aren’t people that you should take as an example, and the fact that they (maybe) went through traumas doesn’t excuse ANYTHING. Please, have some respect for the actual victims of these people and people who went through shit but yet didn’t turn bad, and never forget that no matter how cool they sound. Villains shouldn’t be glorified. They shouldn’t be encouraged.”

With that being said, I want to kindly ask all of you to think before you write anything, to keep everything in the realm of fiction ♥

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