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Did you like this video? Get even more exclusive content on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/RNRTrueStories Today we take a look at the tragic death of Guns N’ Roses bassist Ole Beich. Not much is known [More]
Guns N’ Roses The huge controversy over the song ‘One in a Million’ From GN’R Lies 0:00 – Introduction 1:53 – One in a Million 3:50 – Controversy Starts 5:48 – Axl Reacts, Other Musicians [More]
Tags : guns n roses patience, guns n roses november rain, guns n roses paradise city, guns n roses welcome to the jungle, guns n roses live, guns n roses civil war, guns n roses [More]
O disco Lies da banda Guns N’ Roses foi lançado em 1988, no ano seguinte do Appetite for Destruction. Saiba por que o álbum que não é álbum, cheio de mentiras, fez tanto sucesso. #disco [More]
Bom, vocês devem anotar aí no meu vídeo que, no meu guarda-roupa não tem nada, né?… Pois bem, fiz uma limpeza geral, tava todo empoeirado, minhas roupas e meus equipamentos ficaram na sala, porque vou [More]
Guns N Roses One In A Million fanmade tribute video 2.0 lol
I haven’t seen too many covers of this song on YouTube. So, I decided to contribute my basic acoustic version of it. As usual, it’s far from perfect and there’s no solo this time around. [More]
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Guns n’ Roses From The 1988 Album: Lies
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