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Not In This Lifetime Selects: #GnFnR brings moments from the tour to YouTube. Guns N’ Roses – Not In This Lifetime Tour: Download Festival, Derby, UK on June 9, 2018. Special thanks to Andy Copping [More]
Ok another Instrumental ( Kfir) guitar as voice drum (DCC) cover… Will eventually play the original Axel version because his voice is so cool.. The sound quality is awesome will I eventually get a stereo [More]
Knockin on heavens door LIVE Guns N Roses Cover by Twins VeDDer and Winter #knockinonheavensdoor #gunsnroses #gnr #veddergabriel
Not In This Lifetime Selects: #GnFnR brings moments from the tour to YouTube. Not In This Lifetime Tour: Wichita, October 2019. Follow Guns N’ Roses: https://www.instagram.com/gunsnroses https://www.facebook.com/gunsnroses https://twitter.com/gunsnroses http://gunsnroses.com
#belajarbernyanyi belajar gitar singing singsong songsing ajaran newbie pemula #kaumkusam #klaten
Fala galera, nesse Drum cover fiz da música do Guns N’ Roses, tema do filme exterminador do futuro, gravei até parte solo matt sorum aprovou , curta, comente, compartilhe se inscreva no canal!! Tmj me [More]
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