Full Album Izzy Stradlin And Ju Ju Hounds Japanese track listing

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Released October 13, 1992
Genre Hard rock, punk rock, blues rock, reggae

Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds album spawned two Top 20 rock radio hits: “Shuffle It All” and “Somebody Knockin'”. When the album was released, Stradlin had not yet signed a recording contract; he commented, “Putting out a record and still not having signed a record contract. That’s pretty amazing, right? Having a record out but no record deal—only in America! ‘It doesn’t matter, just get this shit out!'” Although the album was given generally positive reviews, Stradlin decided to try to keep the album out of the mainstream due to his previous experiences with Guns N’ Roses

“Somebody Knockin” (Stradlin, Jimmy Ashhurst) – 3:27
“Pressure Drop” (Frederick Hibbert) – 2:42
“Time Gone By” (Stradlin, Richards) – 3:47
“Shuffle It All” (Stradlin, Ashhurst) – 6:19
“Bucket o’ Trouble” (Stradlin) – 2:10
“How Much” (Stradlin) – 5:04
“Train Tracks” (Stradlin) – 4:27
“How Will It Go?” (Stradlin) – 3:51
“Cuttin’ the Rug” (Stradlin) – 5:01
“Take a Look at the Guy” (Ron Wood) – 4:45
“Come on Now Inside” (Stradlin) – 4:26
“Morning Tea” – 2:35


Izzy Stradlin – vocals, guitar
Rick Richards – lead guitar
Jimmy Ashhurst – bass guitar
Charlie “Chalo” Quintana – drums

Additional personnel

Ian McLagan – Hammond B-3 (on tracks 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9), piano (on track 9)
Craig Ross – guitar (on track 1)
Doni Gray – drums, vocal harmony (on track 10)
Nicky Hopkins – piano (on track 10)
Ron Wood – guitar, vocals (on track 10)


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