Guns N' Roses News: GNR Manager Addresses Izzy Stradlin Reunion Rumors

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Guns N’ Roses road manager Del James made a joke about the band’s former guitarist Izzy Stradlin yesterday, posting a photo on Instagram of artwork depicting Stradlin that says ‘not for sale.’ Stradlin and GNR are rumored to have had disagreements financially, leading to his lack of involvement in the ‘Not In This Lifetime’ tour.

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus discussed Izzy Stradlin in a new Reverb interview.

“I came into Guns N’ Roses because some of my friends were in the band. Josh Freese was playing drums, Tommy Stinson was playing bass, Robin Finck. So it was like, yeah sign me up, let’s do this. And it was great during that time to play with those guys and make Chinese Democracy. It was a fun experience because we were all such great friends.”

“I also identify a lot with Izzy, personally and musically. And what he does and where he came from. Again, there are a lot of similarities, you know. We actually, when we were together, played together we had a lot of fun playing old stones stuff, you know Aerosmith we came up with the same type of stuff. So I think I approach it in a similar way that he did. Were I tend to go for a lower gain type of sound, maybe a bit more vintagee, than Slash’s high gain sound. And I think that’s sort of where he just naturally went as well. So I think there are similarities in that…and we also have similar taste in guitars.”


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