Guns n’ Roses – Patience (Live)

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“Patience” is a song by the American hard rock group Guns N’ Roses, which appears on the album G N’ R Lies.

The song is played using three acoustic guitars, and was recorded in a single session by producer Mike Clink.

A music video of the song was shot and appears on the band’s music video DVD, Welcome to the Videos.

The music and lyrics were written by rhythm guitarist and founding member, Izzy Stradlin.

The motivation for the track is generally accepted to be the troublesome relationship between Axl Rose and now ex-wife Erin Everly, though this was never stated in the album or interviews.

Other points of view point to the video and suggest it is about failed relationships in general. In the video, the band members are situated in a hotel where they are the only constant images, and all other people are present for a moment, then fade away.

More recently fans have taken another view on the song, as now Rose is the only remaining member from the original lineup. In an ironic twist, the final parts of the video show Rose sitting alone in his home watching older Guns N’ Roses videos in what appears to be a sad and lonely state.


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