Slash – I Hold On (Cover) ALL GUITARS

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For TABS and BACKING TRACKS, check out:

This is my cover to my favourite song from the “Slash” album (2010).

I had to make the backing track (drums and bass) using guitar pro to program the midis and a couple of plug-in’s to generate the tracks (EZDrummer and Virtual Bassist).
About the guitar work, there are 2 main guitars during the whole song (one to the left channel and another to the right channel). And from time to time a 3rd guitar appears playing lead. So you could say there are 3 guitars in the song. I covered them all.
Just as a note…
On the original song, on the left channel during the first Verse (0:17 to 0:39 in my video), theres no guitar, thats a keyboard I think. But I played those notes on guitar.

Some days ago I came to youtube looking for covers to this song. Dont get me wrong, there were some interesting ones, but I was sad none of them played the song right despite its a very simple song. So since I love the tune, here Im trying to make an accurate cover to this great song.

Thanks for watching!


For those interested on my settings:

I used my Marshall MA50c amplifier only.
Overdrive channel with Boost.
Bass: 5
Middle: 8
Treble: 5
Gain: 3 for rhythm and 6 for lead.
Volume: 5


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