Slash Style Repeating Rock Lick (with Guitar Tabs!)

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Get the freen tab worksheet for this Slash style repeating rock lick (with guitar tabs) for high energy rock and metal guitar solos here:
Slash uses it in his ‘Sweet Child ‘o’ Mine’ solo, but this repeating lick is used by virtually all the rock and metal guitar greats, players like Satch, Vai, Zakk Wylde, Michael Schenker, Gary Moore… and others. In this guitar lesson I’ll show you exactly how you can take and use this epic repeating rock lick in your solos as well. You’ll learn the scale pattern the lick comes from then I’ll break it down and show you step by step how to play it. I’ll also show you the secret to making up rock licks like this o of your own and making this powerful rock lick a part of your guitar style. Enjoy!
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